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Claudia Pandolfo

Claudia PandolfoClaudia Pandolfo earned a MA degree in Classical studies (2003) and a second MA degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology (2012), both at the University of Turin. For the second master dissertation, she carried out field research on the ambivalence of maternity among the Bamileké in Cameroon. As a PhD candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Milano-Bicocca, she is now studying the exploitation of migrant labour in the Mauritian economy.





Research project: “International Labour Migrants in Mauritius.”

My research project investigates the relationship between capitalism, migration and labour exploitation in Mauritius, a small island at the center of the wide system of economic interrelations of the Indian Ocean. In a historical perspective, I study changing forms of labour supply such as slavery, forced labour, the indenture system, and the contracts that today regulate international migrant labour, mostly from Bangladesh, India, China, Madagascar. After independence, under the program of diversification of the economy, Mauritian government established an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to provide facilities to foreign companies that installed their production on the island. It was a success story that after having achieved the full employment Mauritians, started to import foreign labour. Today, the picture is different: employers prefer migrants to Mauritians, because of their low wage cost. Neither the Mauritian government nor their countries of origin protect the rights of these migrants. Taking into account the perspectives of the different actors involved in these processes, I shall consider systems and networks of labour recruitment, the policies of debt and spatial confinement used to control migrant labour, and the position of Unions towards migrant labour.